Remedies to get rid of leanness

Remedies to get rid of leanness
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Friends, many people today are troubled by the body's weakness and leanness. The weight of such people does not increase. And the body always remains lean and thin. This is because of today's erratic eating habits and some of the wrong habits of daily life Those who do not allow body weight to grow. And body parts do not eat and drink. By eating out food, body parts cannot get nutrients. And eating out the fried roasted and spicier things has a bad effect on the kidneys and liver. In today's post, we will tell you some easy tips to get rid of the lean body and weakness. Let's know. The only way to get rid of leanness in 20 days is to get rid of it.

Remedies to get rid of leanness


Those who are weak and leaned from the body should sleep in the water at 10 nights while sleeping at night. And in the morning water should be consumed with silky water. And chewing gourd well should be chewed and consumed. This will give the body plenty of nutrients and energy. And body weight will start moving very fast. With this remedy, your body will become strong and powerful in a few days.

Cashew nuts and almonds

You will all know the benefits of cashew nuts and almonds, at night, eat 5 Kaju 4 almonds and one handful of casserole milk. This will make your body very quick, strong and strong. Apart from this, mixing one teaspoon of honey in the milk also increases the weight of the body very quickly.

Soybean and gram

Soak and weak people from the body soak soya bean and indigenous black gram water in the night. And after exercising in the morning, eat soybean and gram with an empty stomach. Chew and eat well. By continuing this measure for 20 days, you will feel the difference yourself. And your body will become strong, powerful and steadfast.

Top 3 Exercises

1. Pushups

If you go to any gym, the gym trainer will definitely speak for you to do this exercise first. Because in this exercise it is a breath which is not in the rest of the exercises.
We do many daily exercises that are beneficial to the body. Exercising morning and evening daily keeps the body healthy and fitness is maintained. Push-ups are considered to be the best of all the exercises.

People include push-ups in their exercise list, but they do not know how many push-ups and how to make them daily. In order to fulfill these duties, how many push-ups do we have to do every day here, we are going to tell about this.

How many push-ups should be done daily, know exact answers

How to push up every day depends on the days of starting your exercise. If you have started exercising two weeks earlier, then you should push for morning and evening 21 every day. Slowly after a few weeks.

Similarly, if you have started exercising for more than 2 weeks, then you can do it with your wishes because pushing your arms, heart, and chest properly after pushing for two weeks. After that you will not make any difference, however, we should push up a maximum of 60 times.

2. Babel curl

Barbell curls are considered to be the best for those who wish to make heavy and strong biceps. There is a lot of weight gain, which gives good and Sudol biceps.

3. To Handle

It's an excuse that will not only make you biceps but also your back. This exercise is very good, it can be compared to pushups.

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