How to make your face look beautiful

How to make your face look beautiful

how to make your face look beautiful without makeup, how to make your face look beautiful with makeup, how to make your face look beautiful naturally

Method 1

Follow the Skin Care Habit

1. Wash your face regularly and softly: excess dirt and acne reduce the beauty of the skin, especially when your age is progressing slowly.

2. Regular cleaning of the skin will make the wrinkles or fine lines Dust and acne or acne cannot be settled in fine lines, and this can prevent new sects.

3. Use a mild cleaner with natural pH.

4. The natural pH of skin is about 5 and you have to choose a cleaner that can help maintain this balance. Read the product level, which is typically written about pH or information about "pH balance" or "pH neutral".

5. If your skin is too oily then use the oil-free cleaner. Glycerin or cream-based cleaners are good for dry skin.

6. Lightly clean the cleaner on the skin with pressure. A skin may be stimulated with too much rigidity and may look older than ever.

7. Wash and wash the face with lukewarm water. Very hot water can remove the essential oil for skin or stimulate the skin, due to which the skin starts aging.

Avoid over-cleansing: It is important to wash your face regularly but does not do it repeatedly. Soap and long-term contact with water can remove skin oil. This can also stimulate the skin, which reduces the skin's glow and light.

If you are not particularly active, do not wash the face more than twice a day.

If you are very active or exercise, and you become very sweaty or become dirty then a gentle cleaner Wash or shower the face with it.

Apply the microfiber every day: 

Apply the microfiber which produces collagen and elastin every day. Keeping the skin hydrated well helps to keep the skin strong, to prevent wrinkles and to show young ones.

Use the microfiber even when you have skin oily. Apply oil-free products.
Use products that boost not only collagen and elastin but also help to make the face look more youth such as silicone and hyaluronic acid by bringing inflammation in your face. You can also check the level of the products by checking whether they contain these things as material. But, be careful, because many companies also make false claims. Consider getting advice from online forums like Paula's choice, which includes product reviews of medical professionals and those who have used these products.
Applying sunbursts with sunscreen can prevent wrinkles from occurring.
To boost skin moisture, consider applying humidifier in your room at night.

Exfoliate the skin: 

Dead skin accumulates dirt (usually in pores, fine lines, and wrinkles) and reduces the skin color. Using a soft exfoliator, clean up dead skin and dirt and prevent acne.
Remember that the exfoliators scrub the surface of the skin and can not remove the wrinkles or fine lines.
To reduce the stimulus, choose synthetic or natural amphitheaters with natural beads.
Use a soft cloth to smooth skin up the skin.

Method 2

Keep the Face of Your Face Through Lifestyle

Exercise, there will not be any extra stress on the muscles.
Make meditation, which provides many health benefits such as blood pressure and heart rate, decrease in the range of engagement and depression, stress reduces and ultimate peace experience. 

Accept the beauty of aging: A positive attitude of aging is to know yourself and maintain confidence. Accept the facial curves and contours due to aggravating and see them as a sign of intelligence and experience.
Refine your inner beauty which will snatch on your face and will show you young. With the help of healthier skin and a pleasant smile, the beauty of women takes four moments.

Method 3

Use home remedies

how to make your face look beautiful without makeup, how to make your face look beautiful with makeup, how to make your face look beautiful naturally

1. Apply topical retinoids: Retinoids are skincare products containing Vitamin A. It can improve the skin's elasticity, fine wrinkles, splotches and skin roughness, which makes skin youth appear.

Take a look at the use of tretinoin and tazarotene prescriptions to reduce the signs of aging from the doctor.
Be careful because many insurance companies do not cover the use of retinoids for cosmetic purses.

Usually, consider taking the skin cream found in the market, where low levels of retinoids are found. These products are not as powerful as prescription retinoids, and may not be able to see the skin even when they use it for a long time.

Be cautious as the skin can have redness, stupidity, and burning due to the use of a retinoid.
Keeping the skin clear, redness can be reduced, it is also appropriate to maintain distance from the sun.

2. Apply some eye cream:

  It is a very old saying that the eyes are the window of mind. The use of the cream made every day and every night can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, skin puffiness, sagging and dark circles surrounding the eyes and appear to be skin and young. Maybe.

Consider using roller-made ice cream for use, which can reduce the inflammation of the skin (puffiness) and make your eyes appear in the waking condition.
Use emollients with ice cream, which can reduce dark circles through pulping and mica in the daytime.

Buy cream with ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Collagen and Peptide for use in the day and night, both for the beauty of the overlay form of skin around your eyes. You can find these materials at the level of the products. Like buying other products, consult a dermatologist or see medical and public reviews from online forums.
Apply cream to your finger ring. 

Because the cream is very delicate and thin, it is very easy to draw it so that it can remain sagging on the skin. With the use of the ring finger, it can be avoided by drawing too much hardness on the eyes skin.

3. Use microdermabrasion at home: 

Although microdermabrasion is used as a treatment in a doctor's clinic, many skincare companies offer less effective home microdermabrasion kits. If you do not want to do too much medical treatment, then consider using one of these kits.

Buy a kit from a big retailer or local pharmacy. Many cosmetics and skincare stores also sell kits of this type. Get professional advice for choosing the best product according to your needs.

Consult the doctor before using the microdermabrasion kits used at home. They can advise you to take some brands that you can buy, otherwise, you may have to stop using their skin conditions or allergies.
Follow the instructions written on the package you buy. You may also have skin damage by not using the product or equipment properly.
Note that the products found in the domestic microdermabrasion kits you use should be less effective than the products used by doctors. This will provide less dramatic and possibly more natural results than professional microdermabrasion.

4. Apply make-up:

 Nowadays, the techniques of make-up have also become very advanced. The formula used in it not only helps to hide the signs of Aging but also helps in facing Aging. With the use of cosmetics on the skin with the strategy, the skin can be lighted and can be brought to the full face.

Remember that fewer amounts are enough. By applying a lot of heavy makeup such as an eye shadow or foundation may have adverse effects and you can look older.
Use a primer to show less discoloration and less hypografation. Most of the skin is visible from the primer so that the skin is visible to the skin.
To show the uniform tone of skin and to get a smooth palette for blush, apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizing. Avoid using cream foundation which can be stored in fine lines and wrinkles. If you want, by placing your primer and foundation, you can do dusting translucent powder to set them up.

Finishing your face with a cream blush, which will show a healthy and yellow light on the face. Blush on the raised parts of your cheeks to show the twisted and embroidered cheeks. [38]
Use eye makeup to hide the sagging of the skin around the eyes and make the eyes look bigger and youthful. Use the eye shadow of light and nude colors like beige or mocha and place it with your eyelashes.

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