Food combinations that can spoil your health, don't eat them

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Food combinations that can spoil your health healthonhindi Wikipedia

Hi, this is Neha Singh you read healthonhindi Today, you should tell about the loss of food combinations.

1. Food and water

Some people get used to drinking water with food. Should never do this. Because drinking water causes acid-formation of the body and it destroys the proteins and other nutrients present in the food. Drinking water after 30 minutes is safe.

2. Curd and fruit

There are many types of bacteria present inside the curd. There is natural sugar in the fruit. When these two things are found then the amount of toxic substances increases in the body.

3. Meat and tomatoes

Often people eat salads with food, never eat a tomato with meat. Doing this can lead to digestive problems.

4. Tomatoes and cucumbers

A surprising thing has come out from research. Tomatoes and cucumbers should not be eaten together. Eating these two together causes digestive problems. By eating these two together, the vitamins and other nutrients present in the food do not digest well.

5. Milk and banana

Most people like to take milk and banana together, it is considered as a healthy food. According to scientists, digestive tracts slow down on eating these two together. No one should eat fruits with milk.

6. Tea After Meal

A lot of people are habituated to drinking tea after meals. Drinking tea after food causes gas and acidity problems. By adopting this habit for a long time, weight also increases.

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