Tulsi can help keep swine flu and cancer!

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Swine Flu is an infectious disease caused by the H1N1 influenza virus. It spreads from person to person through a sneeze, mucus, and cough.

Health Benefit Of Tulsi

Running in this race, we do not have time to sleep and eat properly in this life. In such a situation, due to random eating and routine, many diseases surround our body. Of these, cancer-like illness is very common, which most people suffer today. Cancer is such a disease that treatment is not just about everyone. In such a way, we can consume these things daily to defend.
We eat at least two to three times a day. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner During this time, eating these three things in food can save themselves from all the major diseases like cancer.

Garlic and onions

Lunch for lunch or dinner at night, during this time consuming raw onion and garlic, is very beneficial. Due to the presence of sulfur in both of these, it reduces the possibility of breast cancer, lungie lung cancer, large intestine, and prostate cancer.


You can eat carrots as a salad or you can eat it as well. Consumption of carrots during eating is considered very good. This helps prevent uterine, stomach, breast, bladder cancer.

Dal and Faliya

Along with proteins and fibers in pulses, there are many other beneficial substances that are found to be preventing cancer in Peniciazas, and the same can be avoided in the large intestine by the presence of disease-resistant starch.

Tulsi can help keep swine flu

According to Ayurveda, swallowing with 1-2 leaves of basil of half a cup of water daily and taking a decoction of guilty, there is protection against swine flu, 
dengue, malaria, and many other diseases. If the 300-350ml survival occurs, then 50 milligrams of adults and 25 The immune system strengthens the immune system by giving it to the children for 5 days. 

Also useful: dry giloya, amla, turmeric, turmeric and strawberry, 20-20 gram of all these in one liter of water. Boil them.

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Health Benefit Of Giloy swine flu drug Swine flu news Swine flu virus tulsi plant tulsi utility

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